the school on the hill

In 1847 Catharine Beecher launched the Board of Nationwide Well-liked Education to Send Women of all ages West. In her guide THE Obligation OF AMERICAN Women of all ages TO THEIR Country, Beecher wrote, “It is girl who is to come in at this crisis and fulfill the desire girl, whom expertise and screening has shown to be the greatest, as perfectly as the most affordable, guardian and mentor of childhood, in the school as perfectly as in the nursery.” Women of all ages surely had been the most affordable selection. The regular female trainer in the latter half of the nineteenth century been given a annually salary of $fifty four.fifty. Her male counterpart been given $71.forty. This may have perpetuated a development that continues to this day.
Hundreds of women of all ages rose to the obstacle in the 1850s, even with the reduced wages. They established off by the 1000’s to educate in the West. By 1853, historian J.L. McConley famous that “a skilled number of women of all ages have been identified willing to give up the comforts of property for the profit of the barbarous West.” Then once again soon after the Civil War lots of soldiers returning had been shocked to uncover their instructing positions loaded by women of all ages.

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