The question of how to remove a tattoo has been around almost as long as tattoos themselves. Throughout most of history, there hasn’t been any answer at all, and in recent years the only answer has been surgery or dermabrasion. Recently, however, the answer has generally been laser treatments. Unlike older, invasive procedures, this doesn’t involve attempts to cut or scrape ink out of skin.

Instead, lasers are used to deliver targeted bursts of energy to tattoo ink. The tattoo is dispersed, and the ink is disposed of by the body’s own immune system. This naturally reduces the damage and scarring produced by tattoo removal in the area.

Tataway specializes in laser removal, and has both the RevLite and PicoSure laser that they are able to use in combination to enhance the quality of your removal. They have locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA. The Boston location will be convenient for Providence tattoo removal as well.

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