Life is hard and can be very difficult to face. Life’s hardship can be faced with courage and will allow you to gain strength and become stronger. However, for most people, it feels like climbing an impossible mountains that can’t be overcome. They feel desperate, end up bitter, unable to recover from difficulties, blaming others and even blaimg God for their misfortune, end up depressed with their life. But, the ones who are capable to survive in this difficult life and even capable to solve any problem and challenge ahead is the one who have faith in God. God will help them through tough times and will always come when you least unexpected. Therefore, today i will provide you a step by step guide on how to trust God even when your life is hard in proper ways. However, you can simply listen to Awakening Radio that will provide you the best way to achieve true happiness on this page.

The first step is make sure that you have less expectation on life. Life is not always go your ways, bad and sorrowful things happen everytime. While God always answers every prayers, but He does not always answer “Yes” right away. He might answer “No” or He may give you “Wait” answer. Therefore, make sure that you have less expectation on life and let go of feeling entitled to a problem-free life. Therefore, make sure that you understand that God has your best interests in mind and loves you. This way, you will be able to life without worry about bad things that happen in your life.

The next step to awakening yourself and gain happiness in this hard life is by asking God for Help. When you are facing hard life, the best way to cope with this is by asking help to God to provide you from difficulties. While He never promises to shield you from difficulties, you can trust God to provide his comfort and strength for you.This way, you will be able to grow in faith and courage to face any adversary in your life.

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Be Grateful and You Will Receive Miracles!

The next step is check your surrounding. You might need to read or listen to the stories of others to understand more about life. The other experience will help you to faced difficulties, give you hope and will strengthen your faith to God or might you can watch this video.

The next step is making sure that you are grateful for every single things that happen in your life. To do that, you might need to make a list of the things you appreciate about your life, no matter how small and significant its. This way, you can tell God that you are thankful for every single occurance that happens in your life. This will allow you to have more positive attitude and will allow you to see any hope in any situation – good or bad.

The next step is make sure that you read a course in miracles books. This way, you will be able to gain knowledge, read to the stories of others and allow you to find miracles in this hard life.

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