Before you go to bali and exploring in this Island of Gods, you should arrive at Denpasasr Airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport. Located in southern Bali, 13km south of denpasar, this airport is the gate for every visitor  before experience the magic of Bali. As the third busiest international Airport in Indonesia, this airport are having WiFi, Lounges, Facilities, and services. If you are  visiting Bali, i recommend you to know more about bali airport and even stay night there if you need to.

Ngurah Rai International Airport are small airport that only have two terminals, L-shaped international terminal and domestic terminal just next to it. You only need 10 minutes to walk betwen thems, so you dont need to worry about changing terminal and time. However make sure that you prepare for aggressive security agents during security screening. I recommend you to dress lightly to stay cool because the air conditioning is a little bit weak.

You can stay at one cafe in the international terminal that open 24-hours, but you can walk for 10 minute from the domestic terminal to find local eatery that provides you a really cheap but very good local meal.   Simply make sure that you dont mind eating local food that might looks strange and unique, but i assure you they taste really good.

If you want to sleep in this Airport, you dont need to report anything to the airport staff, just make sure you know where to sleep. Since domestic terminal closes overnight, you should head to the international terminal. In the International terminal, there are plenty of seating and space to lay your head, however one place that are the best is in the small food court on international terminal. Since there arent many late night departures, its quite good for sleep since its generally quiet. Make sure that you are bringing your anti-masquito repellant since there are many mosquite at night. Otherwise, you can  get several hotels near the airport, you can ask for airport shuttle that will provide proper transportation into hotel.

One of the best way for Ngurah Rai International Airport is airport lounges pass you can purchase, even if you are taking economy class  travelers. In these airport lounges you can take shower and rest properly.

Another service that might be useful for you is car rental, currency exchange, luggage storage and information desk. I recommend you to check information decks to ask anything about Bali before you ready for your vacation journey in Bali.

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