Getting your MBA can open up opportunities for you to engage in a long-lasting career that you’ll find both rewarding and profitable. Unlike other types of degrees that limit the number of employment opportunities available, MBA graduates have a plethora of choices to tap into.

Here are 5 jobs that that MBA grads can consider, which all offer growth, fabulous salaries, and job security.

  1. HR Specialists

This job involves spending work days performing a variety of tasks, including keeping track of benefits and compensation, recruiting, hiring, and beyond. While you can get a job like this with just a BA, an MBA can give HR specialists an advantage. If you understand how to leverage talent while remaining compliant with HR policies, you may be well-suited for this type of career. Go here to find out more about how an MBA can be beneficial to jump start your career.

  1. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors provide guidance and advice to their clients regarding their finances, including counseling them on the best tactics for growing their retirement funds and creating a workable budget for their children’s college education. This is a fast-growing field with a projected growth rate of approximately 30% into 2024. Summer internships are often available for students to gain resume-building experience. In addition, semester-based internships give students the chance to gain more expertise and beef up their professional network.

  1. Marketing Manager

This is a high-paying job – with a median salary of $127,130 – which involves selling a company’s products, developing pricing strategies, coming up with advertisements, and managing budgets. An MBA can boost your skills that are necessary for this job and give you a leg up to climb the corporate ladder faster.

  1. Logistician

This profession is growing quickly, and may be may a great place to focus. Logisticians coordinate with other team members to accomplish a job, including organizing customer deliveries and aiding with disaster relief. If you like the idea of project management and dealing with operations management courses, you may be well-suited for this type of position.

  1. Medical and Health Services Manager

This position involves keeping hospitals, nursing homes and other types of medical and health facilities operating efficiently. This is a growing field as an increasing number of aging Baby Boomers are requiring more medical services. As such, the demand in this field is high and is expected to increase very quickly at a rate of 17% into 2024. If you already have a background in health care and enjoy helping others, this may be a great field to get into.

As you can see, having an MBA can open many doors of opportunities. Simply harness your particular skills and interests, and you’ll have no problem finding the right employment path for you.

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